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Artificial Intelligence Group (AI Group) is a developer and marketer of AI and big data solutions company. We build products that enable companies to achieve their objectives as we leverage AI powered by Machine Learning for actionable and predictive insights – and provide cutting edge solutions.

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AI Group has a team of data scientists and business analysts who are based in South Africa and abroad – we are backed by prominent business leaders across numerous sectors.


The 4th Industrial Revolution has been declared by World Economic Forum in 2016, since then, it has caught the public imagination and the corporate’s interest – the importance to participate in it is evident. The current revolution is enabled by Artificial Intelligence which fuels Internet of Things, as these are the technologies that will define our era along with Blockchain.


Data is the new gold, the day companies realize the value of data they are sitting with, which they can use to unlock revenue streams and solve problems in relatively shorter time – that’s where AI Group comes in.


We subscribe to the ideology that ‘Disrupt yourself before someone else does’. And we assist companies to find pockets of disruption and pursue them.


It is paramount for companies to note that ‘what got us here, won’t take us there’, it is time to reconsider your approach.

Want To Be Ahead In The 4th Industrial Revolution?


Artificial Intelligence Group (AI Group) is a developer and marketer of AI and big data solutions company.

Big Data

Big Data is the proliferation of structured and unstructured data that floods your organization on a daily basis – and if managed well, it can deliver powerful insights.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans, i.e. with automation of intelligent behaviour.


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