Big Data has been disrupting innovation in almost every sector of the world and Agriculture is not left behind either. However, the agriculture field is less impacted by any technological advancement but, Big Data and AI are powerful forces that have the potential to transform the agricultural domain.

However, it is extremely important for farmers to understand and value technology to quickly and methodically collect crop information, in greater quantities for the sole aim of turning it into valuable data. Though some of the farmers have already started collecting huge chunks of information with the help of “Big Data” technology-based farm machinery.

The farmers spend a lot of their time, worrying about how the crops will turn out. Crop predictions during the course of years have been anything but correct, until now. With the help of high-end and useful computer algorithms to review the decades and sometimes spans of weather and crop information, present-day farmers can foresee the yields with absolute accuracy and that too, before even planting a single seed in the soil.

The insight offered by Big Data analytics enable the farmers to initiate and harvest their yields at the best time, and this helps to maximize the harvests. Farmers are also compelled to spend a lot of time worrying about their crop. However, accurate crop forecasting saves them from the stress of worrying about their crop from time to time.

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