deepHealth is an end to end health management system that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to enable early diagnosis, seamless management of appointments and a data-centric hierarchical performance reporting.


The system is aimed at using advanced AI models (deep leaning) to proactively diagnose commonly misdiagnosed diseases and any disease that allows structuring data in a predictable manner such as mammogram scans, brain scans, and any radiographic data.


deepHealth is also aimed at simplifying the doctor to patient mapping process such that patients can always go to care centres where there is a guaranteed doctor via sophisticated AI power queuing and allocation algorithms. Not only should the doctor be available but it must be suitable for the problems of the patient(s) at hand.

core product features

AI models for predictive diagnosis.

Advanced analytics to enable health segmentations strategies by location, common diseases, age groups, race, gender, etc.

In depth monitoring and reporting of operational performance

Front-end web interface for doctors, nurses and practice managers.

Mobile app for patients to schedule and manage appointments and electronic health records. Nurses and doctors to obtain machine learning diagnosis from radiographic scans.

A progressive web app interface that will be targeted at marginalised communities where internet connectivity is slow and unreliable.

On devise machine learning capabilities to avoid reliance on internet and enable fast on demand machine learning service

deployment strategy


deepHealth is an off-the-shelf product that works out of the box.

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The system will be deployed on premise to protect the confidentiality of highly sensitive health data.


The client will incur initial deployment costs for building the required infrastructure.

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