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The education system is standardized and everything from course delivery and testing is done in a one size fit all model. This way of doing things assumes that students learn the same or that the delivery method used is best for all students. As an example, a lecturer who talks fast might be great for those students who are fast learners but this leaves slow or visual students behind. It might be difficult for many students to catch on & write notes if a lecturer is a fast talker.

Another issue is that the course content used by most lecturers is static. A lecturer creates course content once and uses it for the next 10 years not factoring that students are different and times have changed. Course material and pedagogy need to change based on target students. 

Another issue we have with this system is that it is time-based and not competency-based. A fast learner is compelled to wait for the end of the year to progress to a new level. If someone has covered a year-long material in 6 months we do not see why such a student should have to wait for his/her peers who are slow. Also, this system creates an issue which kills the self-esteem of many students. Students should only be assessed when ready not because it is exams time. A student probably just need an extra month to grasp the concept instead of writing the course exams, fail and have to repeat the entire year. 

What AI can do in Education

Artificial Intelligence can disrupt the way content is delivered, assessed and refined. Our view is that Blended Learning can be a great tool to assess how students learn and if the teaching method adopted is working. I once listened to Jeff Bezos sometime back when he was talking about his vision for Amazon, he mentioned that he wants to create a platform in which every single shopper has his/her own shop. This literally means creating billions of shops and each based on customers preference and personality. We see this happening also in social media where individuals have their own page which basically an extension of who they are. 

Amazon or social media are heavily reliant on AI (Machine learning) in personalizing every shopper on their platform. We think it is time we have a situation where each person has his/her own school. One will choose how, when and what to learn. Online Learning can be a great tool to achieve this.

As an example, say a course need you to understand concept B before you understand Concept E, but if your only lecturer in your university is not doing a great job in teaching concept B a student can then look up further material online. This is what we used to do but it used to take hours looking up for a better explanation of a concept.

AI can help solve this by: When a student is busy learning other materials pitched differently, the AI system can then detect & study how a learner learns and when a learner prefers to study etc. The system will then suggest other content found online which will then make it easier for the leaner to easily comprehend the material. Some students learn better visually and others learn better through hearing so an AI system could better detect this and better assist a student. 

An AI system can also predict how long an exam should be for each student. In the current format, all students get the same period to finish an exam (e.g 3 hours). Some students write slow and it is not right that exams time is the same.

AI will also be core in the gamification of learning. The reason many people are addicted to games is that they are fun. AI can help instructional designers to build content & delivery methods that are great to engage with using game design principles. 

Without AI it would be impossible to achieve personalized learning due to the amount of data that needs to be analyzed for each student.


The education system, unfortunately, does not embrace change and it would be hard for new technologies to be adopted.

We believe the way one can disrupt education is building tools that better supplement or helps lecturers. Anything that wants to eliminate the authority of academics will not fly. A great solution one can build is an AI-based LMS (Learning Management System) but which is not just a content repository. 

One can also build tools that better study individual learning patterns hence it be a robo-tutor for each learner/student. 

Our view is that we might get in a situation where we get away with grades but classes drop by competence. This is extremely hard to manage with the current system but AI can get teachers to be more like learning facilitators than the main focal point for knowledge.

We think this might be best utilized in Higher education. Like we mentioned above, progress should be competency based not calendar time-based. But we believe AI (machine learning) can improve comprehension of the difficult task by having smart-tutors that study students study patterns, spot weak areas, browse the net and suggest better materials that have high probably the student will better understand.

Gamification tools will also be big in education.

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