Seizing the potential of big data is essential in today’s energy environment. Analytics can unlock the promise of big data, bringing to light new analytic insights at all stages of the industry value. Moreover, analytics powers performance for better business outcomes in the energy industry, challenges such as poor data quality and integration, fragmented use of analytics and patchy ownership of data across processes have created a “missing middle” for energy companies.

Analytics can be a core catalyst to achieving high performance in the energy industry—but it takes pragmatic action to become analytically empowered. At Accenture, we call it the Analytics Journey to energy. It’s a path to seeing value in massive and diverse data, adopting an end-to-end process view to yield better insights, and making the cultural shift become an insight-driven enterprise.

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Big Data

Big Data is the proliferation of structured and unstructured data that floods your organization on a daily basis – and if managed well, it can deliver powerful insights.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans, i.e. with automation of intelligent behaviour.


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