FraudMaster is a fraud detection platform that employs advanced machine learning and deep learning models to detect fraudulent transaction in real-time.

The models assign a risk score for every transaction and flags those having a risk score above any set threshold.


The risk score is configurable according the risk appetite of the client and can be change as when business requirements change.

The platform also features advanced analytics capabilities able to pin point the source of the fraud problem by segmenting the fraud pockets according to customers, segments, countries, merchants, payment channels, etc.


FraudMaster can also send push notifications to the banking app of the clients to request confirmation of suspicious transactions.


A chatbot is integrated to handle customer queries and manage friction seamlessly with 24 hour availability and zero cost of phone calls and/or smses.


A front-end is also provided for fraud analysts to manage cases and/or find potential fraud rules to deploy in rule-based systems.

deployment strategy

FraudMaster is an off-the-shelf product that works out of the box

The models will need to be calibrated to the context and spending patterns of the client’s customers – which only requires minimal retraining using transfer learning.

The platform, together with the chatbot, works as a cross platform web apps accessible on any device

The system is deployed on premise to protect the confidentiality of data and for seamless integration with current systems.

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