Data Analytics

Problem-solving Analysis:

Indicative data analysis aims to determine why something occurred. Once your expressive analysis shows that something negative or positive happened, problem-solving analysis can be done to know the reason.

Predictive Analysis:

Predictive data analysis forecasts what is likely to happen in the future. In this category of investigation, trends are resulting from historical data which are then used to form forecasts about the future. The key purpose of data analysis is to make business verdicts.

Data Analysis:

Permits you to get visions from data while it’s new. Slightly out- of-date insights as a base for your business results, you can use insights from real-time data.

The primary types of data analytics:

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Artificial Intelligence Group (AI Group) is a Big Data Management and Analytics company.

Big Data

Big Data is the proliferation of structured and unstructured data that floods your organization on a daily basis – and if managed well, it can deliver powerful insights.

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Data is the new gold, its importance is evident – AI Group sells valuable data to organizations, data that will give them a competitive edge and allow them to be innovative.


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