Utility: Allocation of optimal resources

Case study: Artificial Intelligence based scheduling of fire trucks by, the fire department in case of emergency

This South African Fire Service department in various provinces have an extensive and detailed database of its historic fire incidents. These fire incidents range from domestic to industrial and bush fires. The database is detailed in the sense that it consists of, first information report on the nature of the fires, exact geographical location of the incidents, number of lives lost/harmed and amount of property destroyed, the number of fire trucks and other equipments used in drowning the fire. 

On contrary, analysing a huge number of such incidents as results show is that often there is an under or over estimation of the number of fire trucks sent to drown such fires – hence a wastage of resources.

Our AI based software solution solves this problem by dynamically calculating the optimal number of fire trucks and other equipments required to drown the fire from, the first information report of the fire and to approximate (if the exact location is unknown due to some reason) geographical details. The solution utilises various algorithms in the text mining domain and deep learning to algorithmically understand both text and quantitative information. The solution also predicts whether trauma, medical, humanitarian services etc. are required along with the fire equipments.

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